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Transparency News 3/19/18

votes & killed bills; opaque councilman investigation; meetings: fewer, live, etc.

Transparency News 3/16/18

Sunshine Week: records behind the story; the cost of sunshine; the FOIlies

Transparency News 3/15/18

Sunshine Week: DOC oversight; salaries; NFOIC move; state comparisons

Transparency News 3/14/18

Sunshine Week: hearing on release of 8/12 documents; all-encompassing; portal's usefulness

Transparency News 3/13/18

Sunshine Week: GA update webinar; FOIA atty-client lawsuit; DOC; primer

Transparency News 3/12/18

Sunshine Week: transparency of licenses; discipline data; dissolving the library board

Transparency News 3/9/18

aggressive outreach; info forthcoming; FOIA portal revamped

Transparency News 3/8/18

Powhatan meltdown; Senate v. House; shooting details

Transparency News 3/7/18

48 hours; Citibot; police officer names in Md.; fed employee salaries

Transparency News 3/6/18

transparency not so much; exploded communication; prez declassification


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