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Transparency News 7/12/18

FOIA Council training; body cam outreach; receipts

Transparency News 7/11/18

park service FOIA; 10-fold spending increase; analyzing resposnes

Transparency News 7/10/18

prayer, not silence; nearly $900 for meeting; psst, look on the website

Transparency News 7/9/18

Bachelorette money; library escape room; school foundation

Transparency News 7/6/18

GMU FOIA ruling; letter from suspect; pay to play

Transparency News 7/5/18

full text; defense spending; clean slate; historical research

Transparency News 7/2/18

new bulk data law; airport fees; censure over email; best practices not enough

Transparency News 6/29/18

newspaper grudge; reviewing footage; employee personal info

Transparency News 6/28/18

insinuating wrong; unavailable site plan; names are needed; showing up


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